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Alleged partygoer says Chris Jones didn't rape anyone

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There is new information in the investigation of former University of Louisville basketball player Chris Jones that prompted his dismissal from the team.New details call into question the rape accusations against Jones, a UofL senior guard who was kicked off the team on Feb. 22.

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Sources confirmed to WAVE 3 News on Wednesday that the lead investigator on the Jones case is UofL Detective John Tarter. Tarter is the same police officer who played a key role in the most famously overturned rape conviction in local history.

In 1992, Tarter, then with the City of Louisville Police Department, was one of two officers who investigated and charged William Gregory with two separate rapes. Gregory was convicted and spent seven years in prison before DNA evidence showed he was innocent and he was freed.

The city of Louisville had to pay nearly $4 million to Gregory as part of a settlement from his civil suit against the city.

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Jones' defense attorneys claimed his innocence from the beginning. He and two other men, Tyvon Walker and Jalen Tilford, were charged with the rape and sodomy of two women in the CardinalTowne apartments last month.

The day Jones was charged, an 18-year-old girl who said she was at the party where the incident occurred posted on social media that Jones did not rape the accusers.

"For the people saying Chris raped someone I was there and he didn't," her Instagram post read. "The girl thought it was funny and I'm gonna defend that 100% because I was in the room the whole time, head up."

The high school senior took down the post shortly after it went up, and WAVE 3 News has not been able to reach her to confirm her account. However, sources told WAVE 3 News on Wednesday that she has given a statement to Jones' defense attorneys.

It's not clear if she'll be called to testify in the case, the next step for which is a probable cause hearing on Monday. That's when a judge will determine whether the case will move forward.

When reached by phone, Jones' attorney, Scott Cox, declined comment.

Tarter remained with the City of Louisville Police Department until 2002, when he left and was hired as by the University of Louisville Police.

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