Six Meade Co. High students treated for use of illegal drug

Several Meade Co. High students treated for use of illegal drug

BRANDENBURG, KY (WAVE) - The campus of Meade County High School was secured Friday morning after a small group of students brought illegal drugs to the school.

Dr. John Millay, superintendent of Meade County Schools, said a student tipped them off to trouble just as the school day was beginning.

"Our principals were yelling, literally, yelling at us to go back to class, and stay out of the gym," senior Carlea Brothers said.

The incident triggered phone calls or emails to the parents of students affected. Teachers locked the rest of the student body into their first-period classrooms, while county deputies conducted isolated searches, Millay told WAVE 3 News. "E-cigs were a part of it, we believe."

Brothers and another student both said they heard that the students had smoked "spice," or synthetic marijuana.

Millay said all six students are good condition, and everything was back to normal around 10 a.m. Investigators remained on campus past noon.

"We act aggressively, and we do prosecute those behaviors," Millay said. Punishments could range from suspension to expulsion to criminal charges, according to the discipline code.

"We have a very, very safe school and this is just one of those isolated events that happen from time to time," Millay said.

"We do have a good school," said Brothers, who plans to major in Musical Theater at Northern Kentucky University. "But I feel like there are enough who are connected with people who have drugs that we could get them if we wanted them."

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