New Sport in Town (FootGolf)

Two of the worlds biggest sports put into one, welcome to footgolf. Developed back in 2006, this combination of soccer and golf has drastically taken off throughout the world.  "Its growing so rapidly that its moved from Europe to America and there are over 400 certified courses now in the United States," said Woodhaven Marketing Director Eric McHale.  Of those 400 courses, three are in the Commonwealth, and Woodhaven country club off Bardstown Road is the only footgolf course here in Louisville.  General Manager Chance Maguire commented, "Golf is not the easiest sport to learn and to stick with, so young people tend to get frustrated if they don't really wanna stick to it.  Anybody can kick a soccer ball, you're using a bigger ball and you got a bigger hole. You got a 21 inch hole that you are hitting the ball into and its a lot of fun."  Woodhaven member Joe Scott exclaimed, "Its really easy, all you have to do is kick the ball, you don't have to worry about your club number or anything too difficult like that."  If you're interested in playing come on out Tuesday through Sunday, only 10 dollars for a round of 18 holes.