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VIDEO: Indiana Walmart fight involving child caught on camera

No sense writing a long story here. The video is the story.

But here's a quick recap: A woman on a scooter in an Indiana Walmart gets in a verbal altercation with another shopper near the shampoo aisle.

The altercation gets heated to the point that the woman in the scooter walks down the aisle to confront the other woman, whose young son is with her.

Fists and feet fly, and there's all manner of hair pulling, not to mention the boy participates with a few kicks of his own, as well as some shampoo-bottle-throwing.

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According to the people recording the melee on their phones -- also known as fellow shoppers who didn't seem terribly eager to break things up -- the police were called to the store.

Of course video like this usually requires a warning about vulgar language not being suitable for all members of our viewing audience.

Sorry, turns out that was a long story. The video clips uploaded by Youtube user Brian Marye are above and below (mobile users tap here and here):

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