Former Card Greats Team Up to Help Area Football Players

Former Card Greats Team Up to Help Area Football Players

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) They're three former U of L stars who have all played football on some of the sport's biggest stages.

So when area youth got a chance to learn from former U of L greats Stefan LeFors, Chris Redman, and Mario Urrutia they jumped on  it. "It's pretty exciting.  Usually, professionals don't come back, and they don't work with younger kids here.  So it's really special for them to come back and help us," said camp participant Areon Ferrell.

Giving back to the community is huge for all three instructors.  LeFors, who is the head coach at Christian Academy in Louisville says he loves to keep up with his camper's progress both while they are at the camp, and when they go back to their schools.  "What better way to do it than to have a camp to teach them the things we've learned throughout our careers, and just to give back.  And hopefully, thesed kids can take some of the drills and things we're working with them here back home, and back to their practices, back to their schools, and get better," said LeFors.

There are two major advantages to this camp.  Number one, its free, and two, there's only about 30 kids out here, so there's a lot of individual instruction.  "Anytime we need help, or have a question they're right there to answer it, so they will help us get better everytime," said camper, Cooper Kinser.  "The reward that I get is teaching them something that I've learned, and it clicking to them you know.  When they actually use it, and they get better everytime, that's all the reward you need." said Urrutia.

This is the second year for the camp that focuses on their skills both on and off the field.  Redman says that quarterbacks are held to a different standard, and are automatically considered leaders.  "On any level, you have an opportunity to be a positive role model, and for these guys to be leaders I think it's important for them to learn the right fundamentals," said Redman.  Not a bad learning experience for a weekend in June.

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