Kentucky spends $10 million to fight heroin addiction

Kentucky spends $10 million to fight heroin addiction

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - Kentucky legislators are spending $10 million to fight heroin addiction across the state.

As part of newly passed legislation, funding is being provided for a variety of treatment and prevention programs in many different settings.

Justice and Public Safety Secretary J. Michael Brown outlined how the money should be distributed:

• $1 million to the Department of Corrections (DOC) for substance abuse treatment programs for county inmates in local jails.

• $500,000 to expand substance abuse treatment programs for state inmates in local jails.

• $1.5 million to DOC for an injectable, Food and Drug Administration-approved extended-release treatment program to prevent an opiate relapse as offenders are released from custody.

• $2.6 million for grants to community mental health centers to fund additional substance abuse treatment resources on a local level.

• $1 million to address neonatal abstinence syndrome by assisting with transitional care and wrap-around services.

• $1.2 million to the Department for Public Advocacy (DPA) to fully fund DPA's social worker program, for the purpose of developing individualized alternative sentencing plans.

• $1.2 million to the Prosecutors Advisory Council to enhance the use of "rocket docket" prosecutions in controlled substance cases.

• $1 million to the Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy or KY-ASAP to supplement traditional programming.

Senate Bill 192 also provides legal provisions aimed at reducing the trafficking and abuse of heroin.

The "Good Samaritan" clause gives legal immunity to any user who reports an overdose victim.

Other points include harder sentences for drug traffickers, more leeway to use anti-overdose drugs and implementation of needle exchange programs.

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