Nerlens Noel is back in the Commonwealth

The third annual camp one basketball camp is beneficial for boys and girls ages 6 thru 16.  "It's real cool because its a great opportunity to learn how to get better," said camper Gary Morris.  Especially when a 6'11 NBA player walks through the door.  Another camper Matthew Hinz commented, "To have an NBA player from Kentucky come down to Louisville to train people its really fun having him play with all the kids."  Nerlens Noel, the third year man out of U of K spent part of his off season Tuesday morning giving back to the kids who idolize him the most.  "Nerlens is really doing a good job, he actually dunked on a few kids earlier and the rest of the kids got a kick out of that," exclaimed camp director Terrence Commodore.  Nerlens Noel said, "You know just making sure these kids are having fun, you know they're enjoying this game, making sure they're playing to have fun and being able to take something back to their homes and their backyard and try to implement it to their game.  The former cat also spoke about the rumors of his former coach John Calipari heading back to the NBA.  "I really don't think Coach Cal would wanna leave here too much, I think it's a great position here for him and I think BBN is strong and I think they're the best fans in the world so I don't see any reason to leave," commented Noel