Pass Picks Cards

Pass Picks Cards

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) When you're in the running for a big time recruit with the likes of Alabama and Auburn, you know you're in for a fight, but also chasing a gem of a player.

Columbus, Georgia quarterback Jawon Pass is a gem, and this afternoon U of L was hoping to hear some good news.

"For the next three or four years, I will be attending the University of Louisville," said Pass in his high school gym on Thursday afternoon. The 6'5", 220 pound four star q-b is ranked the 11th best quarterback in the class of '16 by

He says he picked the Cards because he fell in love with the program.  "It's a good fit for me.  I've got a good relationship with the coaches, and that's just where my heart was at.  Once I get there, you know, I can compete right away.  That's another reason why I made my decision," said Pass.

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