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Cards Give Back at Camp Petrino

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) Giving back.  It's something we can all appreciate, and this past weekend the U of L football team held camp to cheer up some area children and their parents as they fight some uneasy circumstances.

It's a hot and steamy day over at U of L, and there's some hitting going on, but it's not by the Cards.  It's by a group of special needs kids getting a chance to have a little fun thanks to Kosair Children's Hospital, and the Petrino Family Foundation.  "To be able to give back and put smiles on the kids' faces today, then you watch our players, they're enjoying it as much as the kids that are here," said head coach, Bobby Petrino.  "We're just trying to enjoy it and have high enthusiasm.  Just have fun with them on this Saturday, so it's fun man," commented running back, Brandon Radcliff.

The sole purpose of this camp is for these kids to have fun, and give them and their parents a chance to take their minds off their everyday struggles.  These children suffer from different types of ailments, so a chance to hang out with some of their favorite players is something that brings smiles to both the children's and the parent's faces. "If you have cancer, or if you have anything, and you've been stuck inside.  Getting out, moving around is definitely the best thing for you," said camp goer, Paul Wilkerson.  He has A.L.L. and he is beating cancer.  And things like this, makes up for so much of the time that he's lost," said Wilkerson's mom, Angel Ladusaw.

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