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Pass the Cash - August 5, 2015: Dale

Dale (Source: WAVE 3 News) Dale (Source: WAVE 3 News)

SHELBYVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Life is not always fair and it's certainly not easy. That's something we should think about each time we come across another's path. It's something we are reminded of every time we Pass the Cash. 

We cannot Pass the Cash without help and in Shelbyville, Kentucky we got a lot of that. Within minutes we met Patty who knew exactly who needed that help - her coworker Dale.

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“She's having chest pains today and she did not want to go to the hospital today she wanted to stay at work,” Patty said.

Dale did not want to go back to the hospital because she just got out of the hospital after having a heart attack last week.

“She's literally in the emergency room right now,” Patty said. 

Patty explained Dale knew she was sick but the thought of more bills and another day of lost wages made her feel even worse.

“There are a lot of bills, a lot of bills,” Patty said. “She wouldn't get paid if she missed work.”

It's was time to Pass the Cash, $300 from WAVE 3 News and an additional $79 from folks who passed by for a total of $379.

After getting clearance from physicians and Jewish Hospital we needed to ask permission from the patient, Dale. Dale knew who we were but had no idea what we were doing.

“She does a segment called Pass the Cash and what it does is Pass the Cash to someone who could use it,” Patty said.

For the first time while passing the cash we didn't want to cause too much excitement. Instead we hoped to maybe bring Dale's blood pressure down.

Patty handed Dale the cash.
“Thank you. I'm gonna be off work for awhile,” Dale said.

Then the tears began to fall.

“Just having a heart attack and stuff, I just wasn't planning on that,” she said.

As the saying goes, unexpected things happen in life more than you expect, but unexpected things aren't always bad.

“I just got out of the hospital Monday,” Dale said. “Thank you so much.”

Since 2011, WAVE 3 News has given away thousands of dollars to worthy recipients in our Pass the Cash segment. Click here to tell us about a Kentuckiana family or individual who you believe deserves a special gift of $300. (Be sure you are registered on You cannot nominate yourself or a family member.

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