Man shot and killed by LMPD officers ID'd

Man shot and killed by LMPD officers ID'd

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The man shot and killed by Louisville Metro Police officers Wednesday night has been identified.

Tyler Alexander Dattilo, 18, died of multiple gunshot wounds, a deputy Jefferson County coroner said. Dattilo was carrying identification that listed a Crestview, Florida address for him.

LMPD Real Time Crime Center Cameras captured the shooting at the Bader's Shell station at the corner of 1st and Jefferson Streets.

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Around 11:20 p.m. Wednesday five officers with the task force Operation Trust stopped at the gas station for a break. While three were inside, Conrad said Sgt. Jason Poston and Detective John White remained outside.

The security video shows Poston and White standing outside when Dattilo comes around the corner.

Conrad said Dattilo started cursing at the officers and swinging a knife, officers drew their guns and shouted commands. Conrad said when Dattilo lunged forward, that's when the officers fired multiple times.

"In this situation you have a man that is literally fractions of second away from stabbing one of our officers," Conrad said. "Our tasers based on analysis that we have done are only effective about half of the time. Time was not there for either of these officers to use a taser to resolve this situation nor would it have been appropriate to use any kind of spray. In this situation I do not believe our officers had any other option, but to result in the use of deadly force."

In the video you can see several bystanders at gas pumps and inside the store. Dattilo was pronounced dead at the scene.

Witnesses reported hearing three to four shots. After the shooting you can see one of the officers checking Dattilo's pulse. Dattilo was pronounced dead at the scene.

Poston joined Metro Police in 1994. White joined LMPD in 2008. Both are members of the VIPER Unit currently assigned to the Operation Trust Task Force.

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