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Two Seahawks Travel to Singapore to Rep USA

Over the years Lakeside swim club has produced several world class swimmers. Now the Seahawks are sending two Sacred Heart rising stars to Singapore to compete in the Junior World Championships.
"This group that is coming through right now is pretty outstanding and these two specifically have been very good and they are very talented," said Lakeside Head Coach Mike DeBoor.
Sacred Heart Senior Kennedy Lohman and Junior Brooke Forde are among 26 girls from around the country headed to Singapore this week to represent team USA.
Brooke Forde exclaimed, "It's a huge honor to be able to represent the United States, it's my first time being on a United States team."
"I'm really excited to represent team USA, I went for the team two years ago and barely missed it so now that I finally made it, it's a huge relief," commented Kennedy Lohman
And it only makes since that both Brooke and Kennedy would fly a full 24 hours to Singapore to represent their country after starting this journey together just a couple years ago.
"We push each other every single day so it just makes it that much better to be going with her,"said Lohman.
Brooke commented, "It's great to have somebody I'm comfortable with going on the trip and to travel with and just to know we have that many girls on one team that can qualify for such a big event.  It just speaks how great of a competition we have here everyday at Lakeside."
"Oh its a great honor to see one of your children in a position like that to swim internationally and to represent the country.  It's amazing it's kind of one of those things you can maybe think of but you don't really imagine it ever really happening but now here it is, we're going to Singapore," said Brooke's Father Pat Forde.
Both Brooke and Kennedy leave this Wednesday August 19th to head to Singapore for the Junior World Championships.

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