Jaywalking? Get ready for a ticket

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Louisville is one of the states with the highest number of pedestrian related crashes in the country, according to Louisville Metro Police Department Sgt. Ruby Ellison.

According to the Department, 429 pedestrians were struck in 2014, 18 of them died.

Ellison is part of the traffic unit trying to save people from being hit by cars while crossing roads. She said pedestrian safety is a shared responsibility between those walking and drivers.

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The department has identified the five most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in the city. They include:

  • Broadway and 2nd Street
  • Broadway and 4th Street
  • Market and 4th Streets
  • Preston Highway and Gilmore Lane
  • Bardstown Road and Goldsmith Lane

"People still trying to get past the lights, people trying to rush through the lights, it is, it's crazy," Jean Keeylen, a pedestrian said of the intersection of Broadway and 2nd Street.

To help make sure both parties follow the law, LMPD said officers will start citing them within the next few weeks. The tickets will be for no less than $20 and no more than $100, plus court costs, Ellison explained.

"I don't think it could hurt," Dionne Jefferson said of the proposed ticketing. "But you know, there's always going to be the people who do what they want to do regardless of the law and regardless of the health issues or danger."

Officers have been handing out pamphlets downtown while talking to some of the guilty people crossing the road in a way that breaks the law.

Ellison said the effort is part of a $300,000 grant, given to only two other cities in the country. It's a three-pronged approach that focuses on education, enforcement and engineering.

She said part of the money will be used to reach out to schools and talk to them about pedestrian safety. The money will also be used to inspect intersections and repair any malfunctioning equipment.

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