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Casement and Awning Windows

Casement Window Casement Window
Awning Window Awning Window
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Open wide! Casement windows are our most energy-efficient, ventilating window style. They're the perfect choice above cabinets, counters, or areas where opening and closing require a reach.

Just crank them outward and direct the fresh air indoors. The casement opens wide making it easy to clean the outside glass from the inside, and the casement can be hinged from the right or the left. The easy to reach single lever securely locks the window at multiple points for a weather-tight seal. Complement or update your home's décor with our optional grilles.


Rain or shine, the awning window is an easy way to boost your ventilation. It swings outward from the bottom with a turn of the crank, and the operating mechanism keeps the sash securely open.

Arrange it singly or combine it with other window styles for more ventilation and light. The dual weather strip system provides a tight seal when the sash is locked and closed, while double locking points keep the window tightly closed. Awning windows project outward and should not be installed where they might interfere with a safe pathway.

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