Russ Smith Day hits big

Saturday August 22nd was Russ Smith day at Captains Quarters.  The former Card and National Champ was back in town signing autographs, taking pictures and hanging out with fans.

"We got the face painting, the balloon twisting, the corn hole going, the pictures, the autographs and all the kids that came out I just wanna make sure they had a good time," said Smith. 

Kids were getting their faces painted in the daytime but then at night they took the CQ Princess Yacht out for a party on the Ohio, with proceeds going to the west end school, focus basketball, and the Russ Smith foundation.

Russ Smith exclaimed, "It looks spectacular for the VIP sections, we have multiple DJ’s in multiple areas and I think it’s gonna be something  Louisville really hasn’t seen before."

"Aw man we gonna get on that Princess tonight and we gonna sail the city, we gonna turn it up and get busy.  We gonna go back to the hotel throw it on, come back sharp and have a good time, " commented Russ's father Russ Smith Sr.