TRENDING TOPIC: #LaughingWhileBlack gets women kicked off Wine Train

TRENDING TOPIC: #LaughingWhileBlack gets women kicked off Wine Train
A group of women were kicked off the Napa Valley Wine Train for being too loud. (Source: @iamLisaRJohnson)

NAPA VALLEY, CA (WAVE) - They are a group of women who enjoy reading books and getting together to discuss them. They also like to drink wine. All but one of them are black.

When the 11 women from the book club boarded the Napa Valley Wine Train on Saturday, they had no idea they would soon be in the center of a social media firestorm.

During the tour, the group was advised that they would have to get off the train because they were being too loud and other passengers were complaining.

Lisa Johnson, a member of the book club, immediately made posts on social media about what was happening to her and her friends. One of her tweets said, "All we are guilty of is #laughingwhileblack."

The hashtag quickly caught on as people began responding to the situation. Most of the feedback was in support of the women, some calling the incident racially motivated.

The group was given a refund for their tickets but that might not be enough for them. In an interview with the Napa Valley Register, Johnson said they were humiliated and will consider whether to file a lawsuit.

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