WAVE 3 News Editorial: Aug. 27, 2015: Feel Good Friday!

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Spewing hate seems to have increased exponentially in our society with the growth of social media.

Cyber bullying is now another big worry for us regarding our families and friends.

Diminishing people, rather than uplifting them, seems to be preferred, and this forum often delights in doing it.

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There certainly is a preponderance of bad news being shared on Facebook pages in particular, including the WAVE 3 News Facebook page.

That's why we'll be trying something different Friday – posting only positive content – with the exception of any urgent news of public importance.

We're calling it a "Feel Good Friday" for our Facebook page. We hope to bring more smiles. There is so much good to highlight in WAVE Country and beyond, and we want to put extra focus on it. We hope you like it and it becomes a Friday tradition.

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