Calling all humans: Local photographer needs people to 'Laugh'

Calling all humans: Local photographer needs people to 'Laugh'

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville photographer is trying to turn tragedy into triumph.

Ben Marcum said he was moved to take action after the horrific church shooting in South Carolina in June.

"I cannot turn on the TV or scroll through my social media without getting a little depressed," he wrote in an email to WAVE 3 News on Friday. "It seems that all we are seeing is more violence, extreme political rants or just people being unhappy in general."

So Marcum, who specializes in portraits, started a new project this summer, simply called "Laugh."

"My goal is to capture 100 or more images of people in real, honest-to-goodness laughter," he said.

Marcum said he thinks people will get behind his project if they know about it, but he's still trying to grow his social media presence.

So on this Feel Good Friday, WAVE 3 News is happy to oblige. Marcum can be found on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Youtube. He also has a photography website.

And you can do more than just follow him. You can be part of his "Laugh" project because he's looking for folks of "all races, colors, genders, shapes, religions, gay, straight, poor, rich ... whatever."

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