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WAVE 3 News Editorial - September 8, 2015: Feedback

Kim Davis following her release from federal custody. (Source: NBC) Kim Davis following her release from federal custody. (Source: NBC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Our editorial last week regarding the jailing of the county clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky for contempt of court brought much response.

Sylvia R. Mond said, "I can sympathize for Ms. Davis, but if she is going to use 'religious beliefs' then whose religious beliefs don't we consider? What about Sharia Law, is that higher than Christian beliefs, or Jewish beliefs? How do we decide whose beliefs are more important than the Laws in the American Constitution?"

Art Cestaro emailed "When the duly-elected Clerk of Rowan County states that she will not issue licenses to people who qualify for them but do not share her religious beliefs, she is in effect establishing a religious test for citizens under her jurisdiction in direct violation of the 1st amendment. That’s where the Federal court is supposed to step in, as it has."

Jason Leeper said, "When it comes down to it, she went against a court order therefore making it a crime. She is a criminal."   

Lucinda Bedel Killey emailed "We all know this is about federal judges imposing their will on the people. This is not about putting a person in jail for not doing their job. They are using this to intimidate people that disagree with their agenda. If this was about 'not doing their job' there would be millions of people in jail including a lot of news reporters. Kim Davis should not be in jail because this is not a law passed by any legislature in Kentucky or Washington, D.C. Reporters should be telling the people it is unconstitutional for judges to write law."

Delena W. Wilson said: "she needs to do the job she is paid to do." 

And Julie Loeb said, "Tired of hearing about this story. She defied a law. Plain and simple. Move on."

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