Two Former Cards Defend the Program

Former Louisville basketball stars Luke Hancock and Mike Marra spoke with the media Monday afternoon about the recent allegations surrounding the Louisville Basketball program. 

“When the allegations first came out I said I wasn’t gonna come out and speak about it, but when people who don’t know anything about the situation start posting articles about the University and Rick Pitino I felt the need to come out and voice my opinion because it’s hurtful and nothing in that Sports Illustrated article was true,” said Marra.  Luke Hancock commented, “The University of Louisville has done nothing but support student athletes the right way and I wanna be in their corner because the University and Rick Pitino in particular have been there for me.”

Hancock is not mentioned in the book but felt the need to back up his University where he was the Most Outstanding Player of the 2013 National Championship. 

“The University of Louisville and Rick Pitino have done a tremendous amount for me, I would love to do the same for them but I don’t think that’s possible,” Hancock said, adding “I’ve tried to stay involved in the community and do as much as I can for the University and especially Rick Pitino who has been like a father figure for me after losing my own Father.”

Both former players said they never heard of or met Katina Powell, who is the alleged escort. She claims she was hired 22 times for parties that included sex with both recruits and players in the dorm. 

“She said she was such a big part of the team, well then how come I’ve never heard of you, you know I don’t know who you are or why you’re saying this stuff but it’s very upsetting and I hope it’s proven false and she gets what she deserves, “ exclaimed Hancock.