Fans' tempers fly over UofL escort scandal

Fans' tempers fly over UofL escort scandal
LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - One book and its salacious story looms over Louisville.

At the WKRD studios, The Afternoon Underdogs where bombarded with calls about Katina Powell’s tell all book “Breaking Cardinal Rules” on Monday.  

"No one has cried yet on the air,” Radio Host Tony Vanetti said. “They have held back the tears."

The airways became an outlet for fans to say what they think should happen next.
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"A combination of dismay, disbelief, head in the sand, anger, a little bit of everything," co-host Dave Jennings described.

They spent hours on the air during what seemed like a marathon about the madam and about who should pay the price.

"I can't remember a day like this for the University of Louisville basketball program,” Vanetti said. “You've got to put it close to the bottom, it's an all day situation."

Meanwhile, the rumors also gained credence on campus.
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"With the ESPN verifications and all the phone records and stuff like that, yeah, I believe it for sure," UofL student, Victoria Wise, said.  

"Of course it's not right, it's wrong," another student, Samuel Brown, said.

The student body also had mixed opinions.

"I think if it's true, then Pitino should be fired," Wise said.

"I think they should pay the price for it, but at the same time I don't think Rick Pitino had anything to do with it," Wise’s friend, Kelcy Lewis, said.

Some did agree on one thing, Katina Powell should go down with the ship she set sail.

"I don't think she should get any monetary gain from it, especially since her minor daughters were involved at the time. All the money should be put in a trust to them and she should be in jail," Wise said. 

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