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Powell gives her 'View'

Katina Powell and the cover of her book. (Source: WAVE 3 News Archives) Katina Powell and the cover of her book. (Source: WAVE 3 News Archives)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Katina Powell continued her week of national television appearances with a stop at ABC's 'The View' on Friday morning. 

The self-described madam was there to discuss her salacious book Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen, which alleges that former University of Louisville men's basketball staff member Andre McGee paid her to provide escorts and strippers for players and recruits at parties. Powell was also flanked by two of her daughters, who she has said, were among the escorts. 

There were no new revelations in her appearance, but there were a couple of interesting tidbits. 

Powell said her main reason for coming forward with the allegations was to "sell a book."

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She was also asked if she always knew she was going to write a book.  

"That wasn't the plan," said Powell, who claimed she tried to go to the NCAA first before finding a book publisher. "I always kept journals. I wrote down everything and documented every thing that I'd done. I kept the journals just for my own protection in case anything came out, or any thing happened, or some one said that this didn't happen, I had my own protection." 

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Powell's daughters were asked about the alleged wild parties that took place at Billy Minardi Hall, the on-campus dorm for UofL players.  

"It was like normal," Rod Ni Powell said. "It's not something you see every day, but at the end of the day everybody was grown, so it was just something fun to do."

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Powell's attorney, Larry Wilder, also made a brief appearance on the show. Powell hasn't been formally charged with a crime yet, but Wilder said she could be charged with promoting prostitution. 

"(But) our position is that if they're going to prosecute Miss Powell then they need to prosecute Mr. McGee, as well, because Mr. McGee also participated by contacting Miss Powell, paying for the parties and paying for, ultimately, the provision of sex," Wilder said. "So our position is if the Commonwealth of Kentucky wants to prosecute someone they need to prosecute a basketball coach in addition to Miss Powell."

Speaking of McGee, he resigned his position as an assistant coach at the University of Missouri-Kansas City on Friday. 

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Also Friday, McGee's former boss, UofL coach Rick Pitino, announced he will not participate in next week's Atlantic Coast Conference media day. 

"I do not want the allegation we are facing to negatively impact the other 14 institutions on what should be a great event to talk about the approaching basketball season," Pitino said in a press release. "I realize that while many would like to question me on the allegations, the NCAA does not permit me to speak on the subject."

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