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'Best father ever' turns son's wheelchair into awesome Halloween snowspeeder

(Source: Youtube user Ryan Scott Miller) (Source: Youtube user Ryan Scott Miller)

(WAVE) - A California man has made his young son's Christmas, just in time for Halloween.

Ryan Scott Miller turned his son Jeremy's wheelchair into a Star Wars-themed snowspeeder and became the coolest dad on the Internet.

"We turned Jeremy's wheelchair into his very own snowspeeder from The Battle of Hoth from the Empire Strikes Back," Miller wrote in the caption below his Youtube video that went up Wednesday and has been played nearly 70,000 times. "Working flaps and the guns shoot glowing Nerf darts loaded with glow sticks."

One Youtube commenter wrote "So costume and father of the year go to:" and another wrote "This is so awesome, seriously the best costume ever!" One more wrote simply, "best. father. ever."

Last year for Halloween, Miller turned Jeremy's wheelchair into Captain America's motorcycle with working headlights and tail lights and a bluetooth speaker. 

Take a look at Jeremy showing off his snowspeeder below, or tap here if you're watching on a mobile device.

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