WAVE 3 News Editorial - November 5, 2015: Impactful Numbers

WAVE 3 News Editorial - November 5, 2015: Impactful Numbers

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's been a significant week for numbers:

100 - The number of years since someone from Louisville was elected governor in Kentucky.

32 - The number of states now with Republican Governors.

1 - The number of African-Americans elected to a statewide office in Kentucky, the number of horses who have won the Triple Crown and Breeder's Cup, and the ranking given to Clemson by the College Football playoff selection committee, a team Louisville lost to by three after missing a field goal.

8 - The pre-season ranking for the University of Louisville women's basketball team.

9 - The number of hours teens age 13 to 18 spend a day on entertainment media.

3 - The ranking given to Kentucky nationally in the 2015 Business Climate Ranking by Site Selection magazine, up from eight in 2014, and barely behind second ranked North Carolina.

The business climate number may end up being the most impactful of an impressive list.

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