Cards and Cats - Can't everyone just get along?

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Are you happier when your team wins or when your rival loses?

That is a question that many in this hotbed of college athletics answer with the latter. And that is what is wrong with us.

Why do we take so much pleasure in the failures of our enemies?

It is the nature of the beast of Red versus Blue. Louisville versus Lexington. Cards versus Cats. It's hard to argue that karma catches up with you though.

Many UK fans took great delight in UofL's 0-3 start this football season. Now the Cards are 5-4, the Cats 4-5.

Conversely many UofL fans cheered as Wisconsin ended Kentucky's perfect season last April. As a matter of fact, I'm sure there are Cards fans who were willing to sacrifice a Final Four trip for their own team, to ensure that UK suffered a defeat.

My point is that we need to start celebrating the accomplishments of our favorite teams and stop celebrating the losses by the teams we love to hate. It's a much healthier proposition. I'm sure there's a study to back me up.

There is a faction of Kentucky fans that are reveling in the ongoing NCAA investigation at UofL. They salivate over the latest details and can't wait to see their hated rival penalized. But before UofL fans get upset, don't think for a second that Cards fans weren't the same way in the late '80s when Chris Mills received that envelope from Emory.

As a sportscaster here for over 20 years, I am often asked the question, are you a UofL or a UK fan? My answer is simple and honest. I want them both to win, but don't live and die with every game. There are simply too many games, and many other things in life to celebrate.

It is ,however, much easier to talk to players and coaches after a win than it is after a loss. Plus, winning equals added exposure and interest. All wins for a local sports department.

At the end of the day, remember that the teams you hate are made up of kids, most of whom aren't even from around here, and believe or not, they care whether they win or lose even more than you do, even if you are pulling them to lose.

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