COPY-14NEWS Exclusive: Dog shot by Evansville police officer

14NEWS has obtained exclusive body cam footage of an Evansville police officer shooting a dog.

It happened along South Evans Avenue on Monday.

Officers were flagged down by a young person, who claimed to be terrified by two dogs on the loose.

Police say one of the officers opened fire after a dog charged at him.

"I didn't have a choice," the officer said.

The dog's owner believes it was a "bad judgment call" by the police officer.

The Evansville Police Department released body cam footage of the incident to 14NEWS.

We showed the video to the dog's owners.

"I'm still not mad at my dog for this," says Jennifer Brockman.

Jennifer and her daughter Cherokee say their dog Beast was doing what any dog would do to protect its territory.

"He's normally a nice dog," Cherokee told us.  "He's a really good dog.  He's just been trained his whole life to be a guard dog."

The Brockmans say Beast did get out of the house and began roaming their property.

They don't believe the dog did anything to warrant being shot.

"If they would have maced him, or if they would have done anything else, even tased him, he would still be here, but I had to put my dog down last night -- for no reason," says Jennifer.

"They say we have to take him to the vet and we have to either pay $1,200 or basically put him down, because they shot him and we do not have $1,200," adds Cherokee.

"This would have been prevented if the owners had taken appropriate measures to make sure that their dogs could not get out of the house or off the property," said Sgt. Jason Cullum.

Sgt. Cullum says the dog's owners have to abide by certain law.  For example, making sure a dog can't get out of the house or the yard.

He says this video proves the officer was justified in his actions.

"In this case, the body cam clearly shows that this dog was on the loose and it was aggressive and it did charge at the officer and the officer made the right choice to protect himself," says Sgt. Cullum.

The Brockmans say they believe Evansville Police should have to pay for their $1,200 vet bill.

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