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Pass the Cash - November 18, 2015: Mr. Canada

Lacey passed the cash to Mr. Canada. (Source: WAVE 3 News) Lacey passed the cash to Mr. Canada. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Lacey Lanning (Source: WAVE 3 News) Lacey Lanning (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Mr. Canada (Source: WAVE 3 News) Mr. Canada (Source: WAVE 3 News)

CROTHERSVILLE, IN (WAVE) – It’s the time of year we say and hear the greeting “happy holidays,” but when you are in the midst of heart break and pain happiness is sometimes hard to hang on to.

As we passed the cash this week, a small town in Indiana reminded us how the smallest gestures can make a big difference for someone trying to hang on to their smile.

It was from a nomination form on we learned of the dedication of a Crothersville, Indiana school teacher and the tragedy that had rocked him to his core.

“I decided to nominate Mr. Canada because he is such a great teacher in our community,” Lacey Lanning said.

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Mr. Ryan Canada is loved by his students, the staff and his family. During this time of counting blessings and enjoying holiday treats trouble and pain do not take a holiday.

“His wife found out she was pregnant with her 2nd child,” Lanning said. “They found out at 20 weeks the baby was still born.”

She explained the news had been a tragedy emotionally and financially.

“They had the funeral just a few days after she gave birth,” Lanning said.

Just a few days after the funeral bills for the baby’s birth and burial all came pouring in.

To help with Mr. Canada’s bills we started with $300 from WAVE 3 News, then added an extra $200 from family owned Lazer Blaze for a total of $500 to pass.

Staff members at the school were all in on the plan. They followed us as we found Mr. Canada in the gym. He was asked to please keep an eye for a minute on the students in class.

Mr. Canada knew something was going on.

“I submitted an entry. I'd like to pass some cash to you,” Lanning said, “I don't know whether to cry or laugh, so here's the cash. I’ll give it to you.”

There were lots of smiles and even a few tears.

“Thank you so much. This is really special. I don't know what to say,” Mr. Canada said.

Lanning was glad to give something back to the teacher that had given her so much as a student as well as so many others along the way.

Mr. Canada said, “It's been a hard couple of weeks, but its good when you have a family like this to help you out. You've got someone like Lacey thinking of others,”

This holiday season Mr. Canada said,  “We've got our faith that we're relying on and we've got a little girl at home that doesn't let us stay down too long. She demands some attention. She's good medicine.”

The money will go to pay for his daughter's funeral.

“This is neat let's you know God's working in everything,” Mr. Canada said. “You've got people like this who care about you.”

Since 2011, WAVE 3 News has given away thousands of dollars to worthy recipients in our Pass the Cash segment. Click here to tell us about a Kentuckiana family or individual who you believe deserves a special gift of $300. (Be sure you are registered on You cannot nominate yourself or a family member.

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