Floyd County Girls Punt, Pass, and Kick Their Way to Indianapolis

Floyd County Girls Punt, Pass, and Kick Their Way to Indianapolis

FLOYDS KNOBS, IN. (WAVE) Punt, pass, and kick.  Three essential elements of football that southern Indiana residents, Renee Sisloff and Peyton Drummond are starting to master.  "The hardest one for me is probably the punt, because it has the biggest room for error," said Sisloff. The two girls, coached by Peyton's dad, J.R. Drummond who played football at I-U, are punting, passing, and kicking their way to Indianapolis for the annual Punt, Pass, and Kick team championship sponsored by the NFL.  "Watching them have some success, knowing all of the work that they put in when maybe other people aren't working at it.  It's pretty cool to see," said Drummond.

For Peyton, who is in the fourth grade, she gets some bragging rights over the boys in her class.  "All of the boys in my class play football.  I'm like, I get to go to the Colts game for football," said Peyton.  This Sunday, Renee and Peyton will perform at Lucas Oil Stadium in front of over 67,000 Colts fans.  "It's going to be pretty big.  Lots of people around me," said Peyton.

Fifteen year old Sisloff is a pro.  She's made it to this point three years in a row, finishing second last year.  "If you make the top three for the entire nation, you get to go to the playoff game," said Sisloff.  But this is nine year old Renee's first year making it to Lucas Oil Stadium.  She says she's both excited and nervous.  "It's just going to be fun I guess." said Peyton.

As far as football in the future, let's just say the verdict is still out, but most likely their days on the gridiron will end before they suit up for the Highlanders. "I actually thought about doing it this year and I looked at their schedule, then I made varsity soccer this year, and that took priority to me, because soccer's always been my life," said Sisloff.

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