WAVE 3 News Editorial - December 1, 2015: Feedback

WAVE 3 News Editorial - December 1, 2015: Feedback

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Our editorial two weeks ago advocating accepting Syrian refugees brought quite a backlash.

Bryan Shofner said "There is no way to vet these people like they should be vetted."

Patrick Aaron said "The governors refusing services, because they legally can't refuse admittance, are showing their concern for their constituents and not a wave of people fleeing and not fighting to save their country."

David Klinger said "We need to take care of our own before we take in any other countries refugees. We need to stop being big brother to the rest of the world and feed our hungry and house our homeless first."

Monte Lucas added "If we could only fix the problems in regards to not supporting our veterans, senior citizens, and homeless first – then we could do something like this."

James Robertson said "Odd that the five wealthiest Arab States, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, are taking no refugees and feel quite self-righteous about it."

Jay Daniels said "It's not about hating or persecuting anyone. Every night we lock our doors before we go to sleep, not because we hate everyone on the outside, but because we love the ones on the inside."

On the flip side, Jared Ruhl said "Stop with the irrational and ignorant bigotry. One day you may need help too."

And Connie Deweese emailed: "Your editorial demonstrated a refreshing use of logic and compassion I find in short supply today. Thank you for restoring some sense of what the United States stands for and humanity should stand for. I wonder what the politicos would think if they were in the position of the refugees."

We appreciate all of your feedback.

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