S. Santo Testimonial

1. With so many window companies to choose from, why did you choose Renewal By Andersen?

I met (and had quotes) with several other companies before choosing Renewal by Andersen.  Although the other mfg's had cheaper prices, Renewal best fit the criteria that were important to us.
  • Maintaining the look of the house (still matching the house and neighborhood)
  • Meeting our needs (changing windows from casement to double-hung and keeping the transoms)
  • Long term care - with the fibrex material it eliminated the rot problem that caused me to replace the original windows.

2. How would you describe your over all experience with Renewal By Andersen?

Overall was very positive.  Although we had some concerns during the process, the people at Renewal worked with us to resolve our concerns and I am extremely happy with the results.

3. Was Renewal By Andersen able to maintain the architectural integrity of your home?

Yes, the inside and out turned out quite well.  The neighbors have commented how well they turned out.

4. What did you like best about Renewal By Andersen's exclusive material Fibrex?

It's long-term stability - it is not susceptible to moisture damage.  Although it is colored, it can also be painted a different color should we decide to change the look of our house some time in the future.

5. With Renewal By Andersen, were all your expectations met?

Yes, I am happy with the way the windows look, the energy efficiency (I can feel the difference with the old windows I did not replace) and the trim work.

6. After having gone through the entire replacement process, would you recommend Renewal By Andersen to a friend?

Yes I would.

7. Tell me about your salesperson.

Jay Bachman was the salesman that came to our house.  He obviously knew windows, but was a great guy to talk to.  There was no pressure or hype, just a relaxing conversation.

8. Did you visit the Renewal by Andersen showroom?

Yes I did.  I appreciated the opportunity to inspect the windows and construction examples they had on display.   It also helped that they were able to give me the addresses of many other homes in the general area that had their windows replaced by Renewal as well.  This gave me a chance to evaluate the looks, style and construction on some real life examples similar to my own.

9. Why did your replace your windows?

Although our home was only 15 years old, my house faces East and the front of the house takes a beating from the rain and sun.  The weather had taken it's toll on the original wood windows and trim and it was time to correct some issues.