John's Judgment: High maintenance broadcasting starts long before 'Sunrise'

John's Judgment: High maintenance broadcasting starts long before 'Sunrise'

. - LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – I just got back from the store. The second store. The first one didn't have what Lauren wanted: peanut M&M's. So I did something I wouldn't even do for my wife when she was pregnant. I shopped around to fulfill the order.

"Co-anchor maintenance" is a term I've used for years. When you have to spend hours every day with the same woman on air, you have to really like each other. I mean, even more than your family. And it can't be fake. You're being measured every moment by thousands of people and they can detect tension, trauma or fraud between anchors immediately. Co-anchor maintenance entails going above and beyond for your co-anchors in every way. You agree with their politics. You compliment them all the time. You help catch mistakes ahead of time so they don't look dumb. And above all, co-anchor maintenance requires nutritional attention. Pregnant co-anchor maintenance is tougher than the Ironman Triathlon.

Lauren is hungry all the time now, as opposed to pre-first-trimester when she was only hungry 59 minutes of every hour. I'm proud of how well she's fighting the need to eat for two – by packing really nutritional stuff most days. Personal trainers would be proud of the lunches she packs now.

But food may be easier to deal with than mood. Lauren has always been easily moved to tears while reading a story that's emotional. It's much more dramatic now. But what's really remarkable is her ability to go from tears to complaining to uncontrollable laughter in the same news block. It's actually very entertaining. I never know what's coming next.

Truth is, Lauren Jones is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. Now she's also the hungriest and the moodiest. I'm not sick of fetching her food requests yet. But we only started the second trimester. There's a lot of crying, complaining and laughing to go.

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