Jones' Journey: Dear Skeptics, The pregnancy cravings aren't total baloney!

Jones' Journey: Dear Skeptics, The pregnancy cravings aren't total baloney!

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Week 14: Pass the bread, please.

I can't tell you how many times I wake up in the middle of the night faced with a life-or-death decision. OK, that may be a little dramatic, but my nearly 15-week-pregnancy cravings are a force to be reckoned with. Do I run to the refrigerator and stuff my face, or count sheep and drift back to sleep dreaming of food? Decisions, decisions.

A few days ago, I was out to eat with family and I ate not one, but two loaves of bread. Yes, two. And, I can't forget the butter. Ohhhh the butter. I was
like a kid on Christmas morning, fulfilling this undeniable urge … until the following day when the itch I can't seem to scratch enough came back. I rushed home from work and ate three huge, leftover bread sticks. This has been my life for the last two weeks. I knew pregnancy cravings were a "thing" but until you experience its gravitational pull it's impossible to understand how overwhelming it is. Pass the bread, please.

[JOHN'S JUDGMENT: High-maintenance broadcasting starts long before Sunrise

There are a lot of theories about why pregnant women crave certain foods. Our hormones are out of whack and that impacts our sense of smell. That's directly related to our taste buds, which impacts how certain foods taste. Some things taste the same as they did pre-pregnancy, others totally different. Some nutritionists and doctors out there urge patients to keep an eye on what they're craving. They say it could be an indicator that your body is lacking a specific nutrient, and the craving is its way of saying "help me." For example, if a pregnant woman needs pickles, that craving could be a sign that her body needs more sodium. Or what about that juicy hamburger from your favorite fast-food joint? Maybe you're lacking protein or potassium. Other doctors say this theory is total baloney, that there's no link between food cravings and what your body needs. Either way, if you're having strange cravings, it's always a good idea to check with your doctor.

As I'm rounding 3rd on my 14th week of being pregnant, here are my top cravings:

1. Bread
2. Pasta
3. McChicken sandwich from McDonald's
4. Sweets (I'm normally a hard-core chocolate lover)
5. Fruit (I've always liked fruit, I'm just eating more of it now)
6. Salty stuff like olives and pickles

Ladies, what are/were some of your biggest cravings? Craziest food desires? Eclectic or normal, I want to hear them all! Tweet them to me at @LaurenWAVE3TV.

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