Jones' Journey: What's in a name?

Jones' Journey: What's in a name?

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Week 16 is almost here. My body is changing. Things are growing, expanding, moving and stretching.

It's all very foreign to me. In my quest to be a good, informed, pregnant mom, I've turned to -- what else? -- the Internet. I just downloaded two baby apps. I opened the first one and right away it told me I was 172 days away from giving birth. Whoa! Freak-out moment.

It was both exciting and terrifying, and, of course, my brain went into baby overdrive. That led me to app No. 2: Baby names. Ohhh, the name game. Most of the time I'd rather be playing Monopoly, Twister or charades because my husband and I can't seem to beat the name game.

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To make matters worse, we aren't finding out the gender of our little one. That means two first names and two middle names. How in the world did my parents agree on Lauren? One name for one little girl in a world of millions. A single name, six letters, to match a tiny face, to capture the spirit of something that's been on earth fewer than six minutes. It seems impossible.

My favorite part of the name game so far has been the ongoing texting war with my husband. It's actually been pretty fun.

Me: How about Noah?
Jude: No-ah way.


Jude: I love Iris, what do you think?
Me: I-ris you didn't say that, No-ah way.

So, what's in a name? How did you decide? What are some of your favorites? From popular names, to different origins, ones with specific meanings, unisex names, celebrity trends, there are millions of choices but only one is perfect for the perfect miracle. It seems like a daunting task with an immeasurable amount of joy when it's all said and done. Sounds like childbirth, eh?

I guess I'll compare the two in 172 days.

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