Anti-violence advocate Aubrey Williams Jr. says he doesn't know why he was shot

Anti-violence advocate Aubrey Williams Jr. says he doesn't know why he was shot

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Nearly 20 years after he was shot in what he later described as a wake-up call to turn his life around, the son of a Louisville attorney and former state House member said after being shot a second time that he thinks God was looking out for him.

Aubrey Williams Jr., 37, was shot outside The West End School on Friday as he was walking to his young son's Christmas concert. Williams has been an anti-violence advocate in the community since he was shot in 1996.

He told reporters gathered Tuesday that he thinks the man who shot him may have been looking for someone else. He added that the shooter didn't say anything to him and fired twice, only one bullet hit him.

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"Went in my arm here and came out the other side, shattered bone slowed down the bullet, but it did come out the opposite side and hit my side so I have a big bruise here," Williams said.

This isn't the first time Williams has been a victim of violence. In 1996, he was 18 and was shot after a life of poor choices and drug dealing nearly got him killed.  He decided to turn his life around and went to college. Williams has been working as a case manager for KentuckianaWorks Right Turn program, mentoring youth who have been in trouble.

KentuckianaWorks Executive Director Michael Gritton said Williams is the type of person many youth can relate to.

"He's a fantastic person who has worked with youth, he can speak from his own life story in terms of what it's like to be on the wrong side of the track and how big of difference you can make when you get on the right side of the track," Gritton said.

Ray Barker has also worked closely with Williams. Barker is with Man Up, a Louisville a group working to reduce crime and violence in Louisville.

"In my eyes the young man is a hero, not because he was shot, but because he's willing to get involved to get out there and make a difference," Barker said.

Williams said he doesn't know why he was targeted but hopes to one day help the person who shot him.

"I want him to come to know God and his purpose," Williams said. "I would love to sit down and talk to him."

Williams is the son of Louisville attorney and former state House member Aubrey Williams Sr. Williams Sr. is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person who shot his son.

Friends of Williams Jr. are raising money to help cover his medical bills. To find out how you can help, click here.

Williams Jr. is expected to leave the hospital Tuesday.

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