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Katina Powell files motion to dismiss student's claims

Breaking Cardinal Rules (Source: WAVE 3 News) Breaking Cardinal Rules (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The woman who claims she provided prostitutes for the University of Louisville basketball team is fighting back against the students who are suing her.

On Dec. 5, Katina Powell filed a motion to dismiss the claims against her by women who allege her book “Breaking Cardinal Rules" damaged the worth of their degrees from the University of Louisville.

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Powell's attorney, Larry Wilder, says the student’s claims are frivolous. The motion states:

“There is no way whatsoever to prove that Katina Powell has caused the value of the student-plaintiffs educations, employment prospects or future earnings to diminish. Such a claim is based an (sic.) countless variables, including the degree earned, the field of study, job experience, the job market, and the student’s academic record, among other things. Further, any negative view of a University of Louisville diploma could be rooted in one of many of the recent controversies at the school such as (1) President Ramsey donning a sombrero with his staff on Halloween, (2) the athletic department retaining a coach following a sex/abortion/blackmail scandal, (3) the athletic department re-hiring a coach who constantly flirted with other programs before leaving it following an Orange Bowl victory then had a sex scandal with an employee before returning, (4) any of the financial improprieties of its administrators or (5) any future or undisclosed scandal at the University of Louisville. Simply put, the University of Louisville has a collection of skeletons in its closet when it comes to public embarrassment beyond the Katina Powell matter.”

The lawsuit naming Powell was filed Oct. 22 by Louisville attorney Nader George Shunnarah on behalf of UofL sophomore, Kyle Nicole Hornback.

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