Jones' Journey: Oh, baby, 2016 will be life-changing

Jones' Journey: Oh, baby, 2016 will be life-changing

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Happy New Year!

Today is a day of change. Resolutions. Goals. A new year filled with vows of improvements, self growth and discovery. It's out with the old and in with the new. For my family and me that means bringing a new life into this world in five months or so.

Many of us will try to make a fresh start today. But the truth is, everything that happens this year will be a result of the past. For some, 2016 is destined to bring greatness, but it's only possible because of where I've been, whom I've met and what I've done.

When I think about having a baby for the first time, my water breaking, rushing to the hospital, going into labor, delivering the baby and meeting our little angel for the first time, I can't help but think my ability to love someone so deeply is a product of the past.

It wasn't until I met my husband years and years ago that I learned what love really is. Eventually, I fell deeply in love with my best friend, but there was more to it than that. He had two precious babies, a pair of little girls who made him who he was. Their smiles lit up the room. The twinkles in their eyes was a gateway to their hearts. Their tiny hands, tiny toes, their giggles, mannerisms and expressions were so small, so new to the world, but so perfect.

I hate to be the person who says you don't know what unconditional love is until you become a parent, but for me, there's nothing more true. Years ago, God blessed me with the most precious cargo, the greatest love. my greatest joy. my proudest accomplishment. When I look forward to 2016, I'm grateful for my daughters. Once two, tiny, human beings who, years ago, showed me what love really was. Because of them, 2016 is destined to be great. Because of them, I will be able to love our new beginning with the deepest depths of my soul.

To everyone looking forward to a fresh start, don't forget to embrace the past. It might just be your most prized possession in the future.

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