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Daviess Co. Jail bans inmate e-cigarettes after small fire


A fire at the Daviess County jail sparks a policy change when it comes to e-cigarettes.  

Jail officials tell us a deputy was watching the jail's security camera monitors Monday afternoon when they saw smoke and flames coming from two large trash bins.  

The Daviess County Fire Department responded and put out the fire.

Both jail and fire officials say they found burnt electronic cigarette cartridges in the bins.

Jailer Osborne says inmates can purchase e-cigs from the jail, but sometimes they will take them apart and use it to smoke or light banned substances. Osborne says because of the fire the jail will no longer sell electronic cigarettes to inmates.  

“We will be open to consider other alternatives to take the place of e-cigs if we can find an alternative that would be safe for the inmates and the jail,” said Major Ken Ehlschide.

Fire officials say the fire is still under investigation.

They're not sure at this time if the e-cigs caused the fire or they just happened to be inside the trash bin when it caught fire.

The fire filled some of the jail rooms with smoke, but there wasn't any damage and no one was hurt.

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