New Albany sophomore is Turning Heads

New Albany sophomore is Turning Heads

NEW ALBANY, IN. (WAVE) He's only a sophomore, but New Albany High School star, Romeo Langford is arguably the best basketball in our area.  The kid with the Shakespearean name has been a Mid-Winter's Night's Dream for New Albany head coach, Jim Shannon.  "Just a great basketball player.  He makes his teammates better.  He's a great person," raved Shannon.

The sophomore can shoot, handle the rock, and find the open man.  "I'm not going to tell you that he doesn't make my life easier.  He does make my life easier," Joked Shannon.  When Langford is on the floor, all eyes are on him, which creates plenty of opportunities for his teammates.  "He draws a lot of defense and gets you a lot more open shots," said junior guard, Isaac Hibbard.

Although, he's younger than most of his teammates, Langford is considered a leader on the team.  "Even though I'm a sophomore, they still accept me being a leader, because they know what I can do on the court," said Langford.  His fellow Bulldogs have no problem following his lead, because he is so dominant with a basketball in his hands.  "He sees stuff that you don't see.  He just hits incredible shots, and it's just a blessing, honestly," said senior, Adrian Pratthomas.

According to Coach Shannon, all the big name schools from UCLA to UofL are showing interest in his prodigy, and the sky's the limit for Romeo Langford.

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