Jones' Journey: My dream, baby

Jones' Journey: My dream, baby

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - I just gave birth to my husband, after kissing my ex-boyfriend, and picking up my newborn baby KITTEN. Throw in a daring roller coaster ride underwater, while eating a delicious bowl of ice cream topped off with a plethora of spaghetti sauce.

Sounds crazy, right?

Welcome to the fun house: a glimpse inside the mind of a pregnant woman, fast asleep and dreaming. These are just some of the insane dreams pregnant mommies across WAVE Country had during their pregnancy.

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I just had my first "baby dream" and it was a doozy.

My husband woke me up after a three hour nap to find me in tears - smiling, terrified, and overwhelmed with complete joy. In the next 10 minutes I blew his mind with a tale made for the big screen:

Pop, pop, pop! I felt a sharp pain in my neck and blood started pouring out. I had been shot. I fell to the ground then my dream faded to black before I woke up in an office. I looked down, and realized my belly was gone.

A man handed me a baby girl, and I realized she was MY baby girl. She was so perfect. She had dark hair, with an innocence unlike anything I'd ever seen. Her tiny fingernail had an indentation on it, apparently from being hit by the bullet while in the womb. I picked her up and looked into her beautiful eyes and she said "Dora...Dora..." and pointed to the back of the room.

There was a baby Dora doll that I couldn't pick up because it was attached to a bird cage. I snuggled her face and felt her facial hair against my cheek. (I laugh at that part because my husband is hairy - okay, too much information.)

The end.

Yes, it's true. Dreams don't have a beginning, middle, and end like famous novels before our time. Mine ended when my husband woke me up.

I, of course, felt sick to my stomach because of how vivid the shooting was. However, I felt closer to my unborn child in that moment - staring at my husband and telling him what I just experienced - than in the last four months of pregnancy.

It was unlike any dream I've ever had. It was gut wrenching, but it was perfect.

Doctors say many things go into why pregnant women have vivid, wild dreams.

For one, an increase in hormones. Of course that contributes to all other quirky things going on inside the body during this nine month period, and dreams aren't an exception.

Pregnant women also sleep more, which allows them more time to dream.

Pregnant women also wake up several times a night to use the restroom (thanks again, hormones) so they're more likely to remember their dreams, since they're fresh in their mind.

I posted part of my dream on my Facebook page and was overwhelmed with reaction, and stories from all of you. Check out the slideshow at the top of this page to see some of my favorite dreams.

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