Termite Control

Regardless of what construction type your home is, termites can work their way in through many avenues. Once in your home, they conceal their activity by building shelter tubes to travel through. Since they work from the inside out, the damage they do may not be noticed for years. So whether you live in a slab, a basement, or a crawl space home, there are general areas of concern to be aware of.

OPC is committed to providing our customers with the best possible termite protection programs available, and at the best price to the customer. As a privately owned company, we are able to react quickly to changing technology and incorporate those changes into our termite protection programs.

OPC offers the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System to our customers as the premier program for termite control. This system, in conjunction with a liquid treatment at the initial problem area, has been shown to provide the best possible long-term protection for termite control.

For those consumers that prefer a conventional liquid treatment, we offer our Termite Management Program . Using a controlled application of Termidor , a liquid termiticide, OPC treats the initial infestation areas and the common problem areas that all construction types have which include porches, adjoining slabs, etc. We then install monitoring stations around the home and do visual inspections twice a year to make sure termites don't come back.

Whether you're looking for prevention, or treating the active problem, OPC has the knowledge and skill to manage termites.