John's Judgment: At halftime, Jones is glad to sit the bench

John's Judgment: At halftime, Jones is glad to sit the bench

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – She's at the 4-and-a-half month mark.

Her baby is starting to pull away to a big lead.

At the halftime horn, the former shooting guard at Columbus North High School in Indiana needs a break on the bench.

She needs food.

And she's not really crazy about checking back into the lineup for the second half.

Yes, my  co-anchor Lauren Jones is showing. No, she's not showing any ill effects from pregnancy in her on-air performance. And she looks great, too. Since you can't see what's really going on behind the scenes, let me point out some items:

It's difficult to report on workplace shootings and other horrible acts of violence when you experience them nightly. Lauren comes in almost every day with a new, twisted way in which she was murdered in her dreams. Excuse me, call them violent nightmares. She's not the first mom-to-be who told me about being bombarded by nightmares of near-death experiences.

Heels were shed long ago. We stand for two-and-a-half hours every morning, plus Today Show cut-ins, and it's never easy, not even when I'm in Ironman Triathlon shape. Those of you who cut hair or run a cash register know what I'm talking about. Lauren went to these really bad, blue moccasins, which clash badly with maternity wear from A Pea in the Pod. Sometimes she weaves in ultra-cheap tennis shoes that can only dream of being Nike or Adidas. Camera people crop her footwear out of the shot so you cannot see.

If I bring her back peanut butter M&M's from lunch, she vaults into another level of gratitude. Food is the real killer she's fighting right now. Specifically, the sweet tooth. Until now, the fastest I've ever seen quarters d ropped into a machine was at a casino. Now, just watch Lauren d rop coins into our lunchroom Spree candy dispenser, spin the dial, and scoop up the multi-colored winnings.

Our studio air-conditioning has always been horrible. It goes from sauna to ice chest minutes after turning it on. And it's back to meltdown minutes after turning it off. Lauren used to hate having the A/C on in there. Now she's the one constantly cranking it up. That is, when she's not spinning the Spree dial.

Lauren complains about the weird ways her complexion changes. I told her this was going to happen. I haven't noticed the black circles she claims she's dealing with under her eyes. And believe me, when you come in at 3 in the morning, you really get to see what your co-workers really look like. But she's applying makeup around her eyes like a drywaller patching cracks. If you watch carefully, even in HD TV, you won't notice a thing. Her complexion still looks perfect on TV.

Truth is, only one thing about mid-term-pregnant-Lauren bothers me in the hours we stand next to each other delivering news on TV: I feel like she's delivering her baby at every given moment. That's because she's non-stop rubbing her belly in a circular motion. She says it's because her belly is stretching and itching all the time. After the 2,034th lap around her tummy with her hand each morning, I'm ready to crack a joke.

But when your co-anchor is pregnant, you have to massage the relationship.

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