Hoverboard injuries keeping local doctors busy

Hoverboard injuries keeping local doctors busy

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - They're known as #HoverboardFails: Riders tumbling to the ground, leaving them with everything from scrapes and bruises to fractured and broken bones.

Start with a fancy new toy, add eager riders, throw in gravity, subtract balance - and the recipe for injury is complete.

Dr. Huey Tien with Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center says it's a natural instinct for riders to put their hands in front of them to break the fall, but the result is often injury.

'It depends on which part of your body you land on,' said Dr. Tien, "a lot of times it's the wrist or elbow, sometimes it's the hand and finger."

With the hoverboard being one of the most popular presents under the tree last holiday season, Dr. Tien said the physicians at Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center have treated upwards of 50 patients with injuries they've received while riding their hoverboards.

Dr. Tien said the average recovery time for the injuries range from three-to-four weeks for injured teens, but could take six-to-eight weeks for adults, especially when dealing with more severe injuries requiring screws and metal plates to immobilize the injured limb.

The doctor knows the dangers of riding a hoverboard first hand; he's even wiped out himself.

"When I started to lose balance, the hoverboard started to spin,"Tien said. "My kids had to grab me so I could jump off of the hoverboard."

So what are some tips to stay safe?

Dr. Tien said it's important to have proper gear.

He suggests wearing the same protective gear common for rollerblading or skateboarding: helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads.

He also warns riders should be aware of where they ride. The doctor suggests riding on flat surfaces - no gravel roads or bumpy sidewalks. When riding indoors, beware of carpet and sharp turns.

Balance, is of course, also key.

"Don't lean forward or backward,"Dr. Tien said. "Widen your stance. That will help you keep balance."

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