George Of The Gym: As career winds down, college athlete reflects on funnier moments

George Of The Gym: As career winds down, college athlete reflects on funnier moments

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It goes without saying that the perspective of a player is very different from that of a fan.

As fans of a team, we tend to remember the great victories and the championships. Just seeing things that happen on the court gives the fans only a glimpse of all the things that go on within a team.

When I talk about some of my favorite teams, I always talk about the great performances I have seen or the heartbreaking losses.

As a player, all of the greatest memories happen off the court. Every time old teammates get together, the conversation turns to the fun bus rides, pregame meals and even some of the dumb mistakes teammates have made. Rarely do we reminisce on the big victories or the terrible losses.

Even now, I find myself telling stories about the more entertaining moments from my four years of playing college basketball. When I think of my favorite memories, a couple come to mind.

One of my favorite stories is from my sophomore year when it seemed like every road trip was doomed. As we came back from another long road trip where we dealt with terrible weather, we stopped got get something to eat.

As we were getting back on the bus, Austin Galloway, one of our managers, had locked himself in the bus bathroom and texted coaches for help. The entire team then teased him as our athletic trainer took apart the bathroom door during the rescue mission.

Even though the debacle added another 30 minutes or so to the trip, it added a little comic relief for an otherwise stressful day on the road.

The second story also comes from the year of doomed road trips. On our way to a game, we were in a minor collision that knocked the mirror off of our bus. The collision came with our bus driver's horrified shriek, which sent everyone else into a minor panic.

Luckily, we were all OK and only needed to change buses. During our return trip, the replacement bus broke down about 45 minutes outside of Indianapolis. While we sat at the truck stop waiting for our original bus, a truck driver from Jeffersonville asked if he could hitch a ride with us back to Louisville.

Coach Scott Davenport, in his infinite wisdom and kindness, decided we should help him and allow him to ride along with us. The team had seen enough horror movies to know that hitchhikers at truck stops are not necessarily the most trustworthy people. For the rest of the ride, we stayed awake while our new companion sat next to assistant coach Michael Scott and told him his entire life story.

It turned out just fine and we gained a new fan, but we also had a chance to form some memories that we would not forget.

Unfortunately for me, the opportunities to make memories like these are winding down, but thinking back on these moments is always good for a laugh.

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