Jones' Journey: My unborn baby has so much to say after listening to Dave Matthews Band

Jones' Journey: My unborn baby has so much to say after listening to Dave Matthews Band

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Every year around this time, my husband, Jude, and I have the same conversation, and it all centers around the Dave Matthews Band.

We all have our guilty pleasures, right? I can feel mine now. The scorching July sun turning my skin a shade of red while sweat pours down my back from dancing with nancies until my legs shake. Tie-dyed shirts, tripping billies and the sound of die-hard fans smacking plastic beach balls into the air. This is my pleasure, but not a guilty one.

Every summer I relive an endless night of nostalgia, and every winter my husband complains, "We're spending hundreds of dollars to see a show we've seen hundreds of times, and songs we've heard even more than that." To his credit, he's right, to my credit, groupies don't care.

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DMB just announced its summer tour dates, so this week, we were planning our next big adventure, for my next big July birthday, with or without a big belly on board.

Lying in bed, I turned on one of my all-time favorites, "Steady As We Go." A different sound, a different twist, it's a love song from a rock band. This song is quiet, it's softer, and apparently, fit for a baby. In that moment, Jude and I felt our 5-month-old unborn baby kick for the first time. A steady nudge, a "hello" from our miracle, that will likely have so much to say months from now. I closed my eyes, soaked up the feeling of a summer pastime combined with the most sensational, indescribable and memorable flicker in time.

As I listened to the words roll off Dave Matthews' tongue, it was as if I was listening to an entirely new version of a familiar tune. Something I've heard dozens of times, memorized like the back of my hand, yet this time I thought, how fitting. The lyrics always remind me of my journey with Jude, two imperfect people, living our imperfect life together, but now, it reminded me of our re-birth into parenting, with a new baby on the way.

"Any place you wanna go, know I'll be next to you. If It's treasure baby you're looking for, I'll search the whole world through. So if your heart rings dry my love, I will fill your cup, and if your load gets heavy girl, I will lift you up. Troubles they may come and go, but good times be the gold. So if the road gets rocky girl, just steady as we go."

I get chills thinking about it. So much love in one steady thump. This really is the best of what's around.

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