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Pass the Cash - January 27, 2016: Deanna

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Everywhere you go there is probably someone in need of help. Each week we get to stop for just a minute to make a difference in at least one person's life who's struggle is more than they can bear alone. 

Today was not different. We thank you our viewers for always leading the way and helping us to Pass the Cash.

Kimberly Stephens had already begun by filling out a nomination form on to ask for help for her dear friend Deanna.
“She's got an adult daughter who was diagnosed with breast cancer. In May 2015 she had a double mastectomy,” Kimberly said. “She got herself together went back to work probably two months later.”

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Deanna's daughter, Keisha, is a single mother of three, got back to work just in time to find out the company was closing its doors. With no job she also has no insurance.

“Then we find out that her cancer is back,” Kimberly said.

Yes, the cancer was back now in her lungs. With more surgery scheduled for her daughter, more than $1,500 each month for chemo and three grandchildren, Deanna and her family need help.  We would start by passing the cash.
We started with $300 from WAVE 3 News, then with donations from our viewers we ended up wit ha total of $620 to pass.

We found Deanna working and worrying.

“Have you heard of Pass the Cash with Dawne Gee? Well we are here to pass the cash to you sweetheart,” Kimberly said.

The tears started and so did the counting.

“I just got done talking to my daughter and so much is going on and happening. We're just trying to make ends meet right now. I told her we just take it one day, let' just take one day. It’s gonna work out,” Kimberly said.

Fighting so hard and feeling so alone.

“I mean we try to do it on our own. I told her we're gonna work it out,” Deanna said. “Did you notice there's people over here, there's people over there.  Do you think if God meant for us to struggle alone do you know he would have done put one naked man in the sand. It would have been done.  We are not meant to suffer alone sweetheart ever.”

Keisha has a GoFundMe started by her Mom's work to help raise medical funds. If you'd like to help, click here.

Since 2011, WAVE 3 News has given away thousands of dollars to worthy recipients in our Pass the Cash segment. Click here to tell us about a Kentuckiana family or individual who you believe deserves a special gift of $300. (Be sure you are registered on You cannot nominate yourself or a family member.

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