WAVE 3 News Editorial – February 2, 2016: Managing the Budget

WAVE 3 News Editorial – February 2, 2016: Managing the Budget

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Money certainly impacts everyone in some form and this past week it dominated dialogue.

It was very encouraging to hear Aetna's chief executive Mark Bertoloni say up to 10,000 people at Humana in Louisville should receive raises should the $37 billion acquisition go through. He did increase wages and benefits for thousands of Aetna's lowest paid workers. His pledge to keep Louisville as a division headquarters and make Louisville and Kentucky net beneficiary in the deal is huge for this region.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher's state of the city address cited money management as a key accomplishment the past five years: going from a $25 million budget deficit to a nearly $19 million budget surplus thanks to the creation of more than 47,000 new jobs and a five and half percent drop in unemployment.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin ordered immediate cost reductions in order to put more money into the underfunded pension system.  It is a prudent move to finally tackle a problem that has been simmering but will require discipline and sacrifice.

The follow through awaits on all three of these arenas but the leadership exhibited so far holds promise in creating a sustainable future. 

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