Katina Powell, Rick Pitino radio interviews keep UofL scandal front and center

Katina Powell, Rick Pitino radio interviews keep UofL scandal front and center

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Two radio interviews dominated the airwaves for UofL basketball watchers Tuesday morning.

Basketball coach Rick Pitino repeated to ESPN's Mike & Mike most of the things he's been saying since Friday, when the school announced a self-imposed, postseason ban.

He said universities should be penalized and coaches involved in wrongdoing should face fines, but that innocent players shouldn't suffer consequences for the actions of their predecessors.

"I'd work for free if we could have this NCAA Tournament for these guys," Pitino said.

One new nugget that came from the interview was on the final question. Host Mike Greenberg asked what the future of Cards basketball looks like.

"The future's going to be bright for the University of Louisville," Pitino said. "They've got a great leader in (athletic director) Tom Jurich."

Pitino's use of "they've" sent UofL fans hustling over to Twitter with implications that the Hall of Fame coach is on his way out.

Later in the morning, the self-proclaimed madam behind the sex-for-cash allegations that rocked the basketball program in October went on Matt Jones' popular radio show, the audience for which is largely Kentucky fans.

Katina Powell said she was in Minardi Hall, the dorm named after Pitino's late brother-in-law where the sex parties allegedly took place, 22 times. She said she kept a journal, but never with the intention of writing a book.

Powell said she had sex with a player on the first night, but never again. She also said, as she did in every previous interview, that former UofL player and graduate assistant Andre McGee told her that Pitino "knows everything." Later in the interview she called McGee her "business partner."

"I do not have proof that Rick knew," Powell told Jones.

Much of the interview consisted of things she'd previously been quoted on by various outlets, but Powell said about seven players on the 2013 national championship team attended the sex parties.

She also talked about Friday's announcement of the self-imposed postseason ban.

"I thought the self-imposed ban was a bunch of bull," Powell told Jones. "They did that to soften the blow for the NCAA. I feel like a lot of people were punished that didn't deserve it."

She also said she felt kind of bad for Pitino, and then when Jones' followed up, she changed her opinion and said she didn't feel bad for him.

"It was never really personal to me until it was personal to Rick," Powell told Jones. "I'm not mad at Rick but I don't like what he said about me."

Jones said his interview was the No. 1 stream in America for more than an hour Tuesday morning.

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