Jones' Journey: It's time to buy the bread and milk

Jones' Journey: It's time to buy the bread and milk

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - AHHH! Snowmagedon is coming! Go get the bread and milk!

Did I get your attention? OK, I'm obviously being dramatic, but in the spirit of snow in the forecast today, and another possible round to end the weekend, I thought I'd have a little fun with this week's Jones' Journey. I'm a meteorologist after all, so I'm allowed to poke fun at myself.

I'm not sure when the bread and milk thing became a thing, but it stuck like white on rice. As meteorologists, we often refer to the severity of snow storms with analogies, things people can relate to. Whether it's the typical social media buzz, a shovel-worthy storm, time to bust out the snow blower or ... dun dun dun ... buy the bread and milk.

If you were stuck inside, surrounded by piles of snow, what would be your "bread and milk" combo? In honor of the baby's first snow, I started thinking about my mama-to-be-snowed-in essentials. Here's my list .. what's yours?

1. Water
2. Body pillow
3. Chocolate
4. Fruit
5. Ice cream
6. Heating pad
7. Stretch mark oil – too much information, I know.
8. Foot massager
9. Pre-natal vitamins
10. My husband's sweatpants

For a minute-by-minute look at the morning snow, watch WAVE 3 News Sunrise this morning. And with another round possible Sunday and Monday, stay up to date by following the WAVE 3 Storm Tracking Team:

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