WAVE 3 News Editorial – February 11, 2016: Google Fiber

WAVE 3 News Editorial – February 11, 2016: Google Fiber

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Downloading, streaming and gaming take up an increasing amount of our time each day. We may be able to do it 20 times faster in Louisville if Google Fiber installs a fiber-optics network in the Commonwealth's largest city.

We encourage Metro Council to pass a measure allowing the company to negotiate only one franchise agreement rather than one with each of the 80 small cities in Jefferson County, to expedite the process.

Feasibility studies, construction and utility permits, and design and installation of thousands of miles of fiber all await before this becomes a reality.

Google Fiber closed the deal on all cities it identified as potential markets in its five year history: Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, Kansas City, Austin, San Antonio, Provo and Salt Lake City. 

To be 10th on this list would be a boon to business retention and attraction, and help keep the family peace.

We hope it materializes soon and encourage other providers to enhance internet speeds as well.

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