UofL paid more than $150,000 to investigate basketball scandal

UofL paid more than $150,000 to investigate basketball scandal

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - How much is the investigation into the UofL basketball scandal costing the school's athletic association? More than $150,000.

That answer comes from a copy of the agreement the UofL athletic department signed with Chuck Smrt's "The Compliance Group" that WAVE 3 News obtained Tuesday through an open records request.

UofL hired Smrt's group to investigate what happened with self-proclaimed escort queen Katina Powell, Andre McGee and the UofL basketball players inside Minardi Hall.

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The contract with Smrt's group was signed Sept. 8, 2015. That's just a week or two after the Indianapolis Business Journal first contacted UofL for comment about Powell's forthcoming book, meaning Smrt was already a month into his investigation when the general public finally learned about it on Oct. 2.

Smrt charged UofL $235 per hour to unravel it all for UofL. His staff got $200 per hour. Another $95 an hour went for transcripts and to prepare reports. Those bills added up quickly.

The university shelled out: 
$35,203 in September
$54,634 in October
$46,588 in November
$15,630 in December

A records request did not indicate if Smrt's group billed UofL anything in January. So before any potential January bills, the tab had reached $152,057.

UofL Sports Information Director Kenny Klein told WAVE 3 News that the UofL Athletic Association is funded by ticket sales, television contracts and donations, among other sources.

The result of the investigation -- so far -- is a self-imposed postseason ban this year for UofL's men's basketball team, and countless heartbroken Cards' fans. The pain could be furthered by the NCAA, whose investigation is still in progress and could end with addition sanctions.

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